Everything in Steelmate started with a dream: Let everyone enjoy quality automotive electronic products at an affordable price. In 1993, we built up the first Steelmate workshop from scratch with merely 100m2 areas in a small town producing motorcycle alarms. Under limited conditions with only 5 pilers, 5 soldering irons, a multi-meter, an oscilloscope and 7 workers, what have driven us ahead were the spirits and passions for ensuring the safety of our customers’ vehicles. Holding fast to our determination, a wide spectrum of drivers has shared the spirits of Steelmate in our automotive security and safety products. Nowadays, Steelmate has emerged as the No.1 motorcycle alarm, car alarm, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and parking assist system manufacturer in China. We produce the state-of-the-art products in our filed with 1600 employees and factory base spanning over 80,000m2 areas, in which we are equipped with high-speed Siemens SMT lines, an in-house mold center with high-precision mold processing, ICT stations and advanced laboratory equipment etc. You can find presence of our products at every corner around China and nearly 90 countries and regions worldwide.

R&D Capacity

The key to Steelmate’s success lies in the vision and commitment to providing the top quality products to people. Attributing to our continuous efforts and enormous investment in R&D, Steelmate has streamlined its product mix and sharpened the technology. With 120 elites in our R&D team in-house, Steelmate is able to launch new designs and products meeting the needs of our business partners over the world. We carry out the entire product development procedures ourselves in respect of product design, PCB layout, testing and packaging designs. In pursuit of the most advanced technology and craftsmanship, we have invested heavily on acquisition of best research equipment to achieve such goal. For instance, we have adopted a 3D printer and X-Ray CT scanner for prototype producing and component checking respectively, considerably shortening the R&D cycle and delivery time. A well established RoHS lab will monitor our products to ensure RoHS compliance. These tactics enable us deliver the quality product more quickly.

Manufacturing Capacity

There are 10 automatic SMT lines (with 28 Siemens SMT machines) in the SMT center, 10 lead-free double wave soldering lines and 10 ICT testing machines in the wave soldering workshop. Apart from all these first class machines, there are 65 production lines which ensure a huge production capacity. Our mold center is equipped with SODICK & SWISS high precision equipment sourced from Germany and Japan. All molds are designed and made in-house. Currently, the mold center has the capacity to produce over 300 molds per year. There are 70 staff in the mold center, including experienced structural engineers, technicians and senior technicians. With years of experience, we can provide customization design to meet your specific market needs.

International Standardization

Quality control is rigorously carried out in the whole production procedure. In order to increase quality of our products and Improve product reliability, we already reached ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949 and OHSAS 18001 quality management system standards. Meanwhile, according to different markets, Steelmate products are CE, E-MARK, FCC, NCC, KCC and CCC certified.

Company Standardization

Company quality control is important because we must ensure our manufacture products that customers want to buy over and over again. The goal of a quality control system is to ensure that each product meets or exceeds a specific standard, from IQC to PQC and FQC. Unique designs, quality components, experienced workers and top class machines are the guarantee of our quality products.

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