PHILIPS Vision, Ideal como repuesto

Lámpara xenón original Philips Vision C1

Ideal como repuesto

OMtuning xenon lamp D1S Vision C1 85415VIC1


  • Referencias:
  • Philips D1S Vision C1 85415VIC1
  • Philips D1R Vision C1 85409VIC1
  • Philips D2S Vision C1 85122VIC1
  • Philips D2R Vision C1 85126VIC1
  • Philips D3S Vision C1 42403VIC1
  • Philips D3R Vision C1 42306VIC1
  • Philips D5S Vision C1 12410C1

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OMtuning Philips Vision

Philips web site

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BMW 6: Dynamic Reflectors in All-LED

BMW 6: Dynamic Reflectors in All-LED


Dynamic all-LED headlamp with swiveling reflector units provides all adaptive lighting functions. Next to adaptive driving beam, motor way light and dynamic curve light, the static bend light reflector supports the curve light and the city light. Concerning design, the thick-wall optics  and the eye-brow give the headlamp a very attractive appearance.
The attractive signal function is realized by  3D light guides with pinstriped walls.  Powered by one 3-chip LED array per „ring“.
The  turn signal function is realized by  the eye-brow consisting of one long and one short light guide. They are powered by one 7-chip-LED and one 1-chip-LED.
During the constant drive over 90 km/h, the reflectors are lifted up to enhance the range of light. The intensity of LEDs rises from 80 to 100%. Driving through curves, the outer reflector follows the course of the road swiveling up to 14 degrees outwardly. The low beam uses three 3-chip-LED arrays  and one 2-chip-LED array.
The opposing or proceeding vehicles are omitted due to the glare-free high beam function realized by switching off the LEDs and swiveling the outer reflector. One 4-chip-LED array and one 3-chip-LED array are located in the bottom section of the reflectors.




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